Faux Finish

Give your Building a Modern Art through Faux Finish

Faux finish or painting includes many tools like marble, stone, wood, raw silk etc. To faux paint your walls, you need to first begin with a solid background color. It would take a night or two to dry the wall completely. You can then apply a glaze to the second layer of color to have the best finish. You can use a wood, a tissue or a sponge initially to decorate your walls with colors. You should take a small area to begin with the painting and let it dry completely.

We will certainly give a unique finish with this type of painting to your Building. Not only to walls, but on your selling’s also. Not only economical, Faux Painting is also easy to maintain and also adds a touch of modern art on the walls. Faux Paintings can be used in commercial residential hospitality, restaurants, hotels and new homes. Our floor painting specialist are well trained and innovative in nature to give a modern look to your building. So why are you waiting ? Call us to help you for a modern look.

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